Scotty's Broasted Chicken & Ribs: Scotty's Stories

Scotty's Stories

Customers rave about Scotty's incredible food and unmatched service. Take a look at what they have to say below. Or submit your own Scotty's Story!

"When we get into town, the first night is ALWAYS Scottys. We have even called from Needles if we were cutting it close. You can not beat the chicken or the cole slaw. Even our other Califorina friends want it on their first night in town."
--John Mead, Corona, CA



"Love the ribs and chicken buffalo bites! The staff was very friendly! Wish you would open a restaruant in Clovis or Fresno, CA"
--Pam T., Clovis, CA


"If you like chicken and ribs, this is the place to go. Their broasted chicken is the most tender, flavorful within hundreds of miles! Their ribs are so good you always come back for more. Service is great, food is great and atmosphere is great! They also have some seafood and their potato salad and cole slaw is top of the line."
--Janis W.


"We have been visiting Scotty's for many years, our children and grandchildren all love Scotty's. Yes, you have to wait for a fresh hot meal, because they make it to order, so we always call ahead when we don't want to wait. A 15-minute call ahead gets you a fresh broasted, finger lickin' meal. The service is excellent, the employees are always friendly and take care to see that your stop is a pleasant experience."
--Gaugie, Lake Havasu City, AZ


If you want a hot meal (and not made-ahead rubber chicken), head for Scotty's in Lake Havasu. If you don't like waiting while they make up your order fresh hot, then call ahead and 15 minutes later it's ready. Excellent, friendly servers and clean attractive tables or booths. Their menu is excellent. My favorite is the family chicken dinner with broasted potatoes and delicious cole slaw. We like to order extra and have a picnic on the Lake next day. We've been going to Scottys since the old days."
--Anonymous, Rowland Heights, CA


"They have the BEST chicken. Their chicken pieces are large and comes with several different side dishes. The chicken is very tender and juicy. Can sit down or take out. Offer variety of beverages including beer."


"I love this place, I would eat there everyday for lunch if I could. I get the Bites and Fries for around $6. They fill me up and make me sweat as they are a bit on the hot side. Everything on the menu is good as they broast their chicken. They tend to close around 8pm and around 4:30 I recommend calling ahead or placing your order as they tend to get busy fast and they start your order after you place it, so everything is fresh.
If you get the chance order a deep fried twinkie you only need one but it is something else."
--Tyson M., Tacoma, WA


"Not just the BEST chicken in Lake Havasu, it is my favorite chicken period. Even better then Roscoe's fried chicken and waffles (which says a lot).
The breasts are always big, juicy and have a great crust and flavor.
They always seems to give you more then you ordered.
All the chicken is good, even the dark meat (which I usually don't like).
Ribs-tender, good flavor and comes right off the bones.
Broasted potatoes are OK.
French fries are great.
Onion rings-crunchy, always cooked right--some of the best around.
Cole slaw -- the best hands down.
Beans are very good.
We have ate at the restaurant, which is small, but all the staff is real friendly.
If we didn't eat here some trips, we always stop out of town, to bring it home for dinner.
I have never  tried the deep fried twinkie, but always want to.
--Mark B., West Hills, CA


"On my way to the hotel I saw this place and it looked like somewhere I wanted to try while I was here. The parking lot was full, which is always a good sign. I ordered the two piece chicken dinner, with broasted potatoes and jade salad.  The chicken was crispy and juicy, but not greasy at all. The jade salad was delicious, it's made with pistachio pudding mix, crushed pineapple and mini marshmallows. It was a sweet ending to my meal." 
--Gina V., Corona, CA

"Scotty's is the best. Always made to order. They have plenty of dine-in space, but I always take mine home or down to the boat. It's always still piping hot when we finally start eating it. Seems like we're always having a late dinner at Havasu so we usually phone-in the order about 15 minutes til closing. They never complain and often times there is an extra piece of chicken or two, nice! If you've never had broasted chicken, Scotty's is as good as it gets, try it!"
--Rob W., Anaheim, CA

"This is the best place in LHC. One breast is easily worth three at KFC. I got an eight piece meal (thinking it was the same size as KFC) and finished it three meals later. The spices were very good (albeit a little salty) and the meat was juicy and succulent. This place must be popular with the spring breakers. I highly recommend this place to everyone (except for my enemies - let them eat KFC -lol)."

"This is a very friendly place. If visiting this area you must try their broasted chicken. It not only is a great value, but the quality is exceptional. The broasted potatoes are good, but their fries are great. You won't be dissapointed. I will return."