Scotty's Broasted Chicken & Ribs: About Us

About Us


Scotty's Broasted Chicken & Ribs opened its doors on June 13, 1991. While in college, Scott Brennan worked at a restaurant that served Genuine Broasted Chicken. Realizing the potential in the business and simplicity of operations, he and his Dad, Tom, opened the restaurant in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Tom says their goal was to make it with the locals and everything above that was "gravy." Well, they've had lots of gravy! The reason they make it and others can't? Scott and Tom stress friendliness and developing a relationship with their customers. Also, they make sure a family member is always in the restaurant to supervise the operation and tend to the customers' needs.

They started with the understanding that Tom would retire after three years, but he's still there and loving every minute of it. Having had previous food service experience, Tom loves the Broaster program. He states, "One thing about Broaster is that it works anywhere, with any type of people. As long as there is consistency in the process and quality products are used, you'll be the best.

In addition to broasted chicken and potatoes, Scotty's serves everything from ribs and shrimp to chicken tenders and fish. They can seat up to 150 people.

Supporting the community is very important to Scott and Tom as well. They donate gift certificates to groups and local schools, as well as special events. Scott adds, "It feels great to give something back to the community."

Stop in today for an incredible meal and unmatched customer service!